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In the second section of your paper, the introduction, you will begin to lead the reader into your work solbe particular, zooming in from the big picture towards your specific results. This is the place to introduce the definitions and lemmas which are standard in the field, but which your readers may not know.

A graph with lots of little tangent lines, like the one we just drew, is a called a slope field or a vector field.

Even if it sounds nice.

If you're lost, impatient, want an overview of this laboratory assignment, or maybe fiepd all three, you can click on the compass button on the left to go to the table of contents for this laboratory assignment.

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Instead, for our example, let's restrict the section of the plane we consider to:. Making Slope Fields with the Computer Let's continue to use the example of finding a slope field for the differential equation:

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If we have some other solution y to the d. What we're leading into here is a method that can help us on far more differential equations than can be solved using integration.

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Differential Equations

Here's an online tool for drawing slope fields:.

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emily dickinson essay conclusion You will be asked to match slope fields with their differential equations, prolbems to match differential equations with their slope fields. Our stroll through the slope fields above gave some examples of things hoq can look for. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when trying to how to solve slope field problems slope fields and differential equations you can ask these questions when looking at either a d.

Consider the first-order differential equation We can't solve this d. We're going to go back to Leibniz Notation.

Sample Problem Suppose we have a solution y to the d. The slope of y at the point 2, 3 must be Although we don't know what exactly the function y looks like, we do know that at the point 2, 3 the slope of the function and therefore the slope of its tangent line is 5: If we have some other solution y to the d. Sample Problem Solbe f is a solution to slkpe d. Here's an online tool for drawing slope fields: Where how to solve slope field problems the slope positive?

Does the slope depend on both x and y?

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If the slope only depends on ythen all lines at the same height y will have the same slope: Obviously how to solve slope field problems this for the entire plane is actually impossible, since it's infinite, so feld have to be satisfied with some "reasonable" subset of the plane.

This is starting to sound like a lot of work. We may be talking about slope calculations at literally thousands of points, here. Sounds like a job for someone who doesn't mind doing myriads of mind-numbingly repetitive tasks.

Someone who can maintain accuracy despite the mountain of admittedly trivial calculations involved.

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Well, you knew you were sitting at a computer for a reason, didn't you? OK, so we'll have the computer do the calculations, but there's still something we haven't decided on yet! What do we do with all those thousands of slopes once we've sloe them? We mentioned earlier that we'd use the slopes to get a picture of what the function y looks like. One way of doing this would be to graphically represent each of the slopes that we find at points all over the plane by a short line segment that is actually as steep as how to solve slope field problems slope says it should be at that point.

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We can think of these little line segments as tangent lines to the function fjeld that we've been looking slooe all this time. We will, of course, have the computer also carry out the job of drawing all the little tangent lines for us.

We call the resulting picture a slope fieldor direction field. If you feel that you followed the solvf description of how a slope field is formed then carry on down the page. If you're still a little lost you can either read a summary of the procedure, or you can even return to the beginning of this Introduction and read it through again. As I mentioned above, it would be impossible to produce a slope field covering dissertation writing skills entire, infinite, Cartesian plane.

Instead, for our example, let's restrict the section of the plane we consider to:. To see how we would create a slope field for this example with Mathematicago to the next page Now assuming that you passed the course you were taking back then, you should have learned a very important property of the derivative: For example, we might be asked to analyze the differential equation: Well, let's remind ourselves of our usual goal sloppe we are given a ti equation: We've established that our goal is to find the function which satisfies: The picture produced by a computer program may look a little like this:


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