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The Assignee is the crucial factor that makes Assignment work.

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Following assignment, if the assignee breaches a lease covenant, then the landlord will be entitled to look to you, or the relevant successor, to make good that breach.

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On assigning a lease and exiting a commercial unit you will wish to reduce the risk of being pursued by your former landlord ol regard to any breaches in the lease terms by your successor. Please note that the law may have changed since the date of this article.

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Licence to Assign Lease secured by

Licence to Assign Lease

He or it is the newcomer to whom the existing lease will be assigned or assitn or transferred to. Why does an assignment take place? It happens for several reasons. Existing tenant want to leave for reasons, usually due to business not doing well, Age, retirement are just a few.

licence to assign old lease that

Or, someone new comes into the area and wants to take over the lease for their prospective venture. This often is the case. In legal jargon, the old tenant who wants to get out of the lease is called the Assignor and the new person who wants to get the remainder of the lease is called an Assignee. The landlord remains the same.

In practice, the Assignor will instruct his solicitors that he wants to assign the lease. The Assignee will instruct his own solicitors that he wants to buy that lease. As can be seen there will be three different solicitors involved. Pldt dsl business plan price parties will foot their own legal bill except for the Landlord. The solicitor will take instructions from his client as to whether licence to assign old lease landlord is willing to give consent for the proposed assignment.

And, before such consent can be given, the solicitor will ask the Assignor to provide licence to assign old lease references for the Assignee.

These are usually bank and trade references confirming that the proposed assignee is solvent and capable of paying the rent on the lease. These are legally binding contractual documents and need to be thoroughly perused before the parties put their signatures on them.

All three parties will sign this document.

How Does It Work?

A landlord usually tp a rent deposit as a precondition to providing its consent to the assignment of a lease. Following assignment, licence to assign old lease the assignee breaches a lease covenant, then the landlord will be entitled to look to you, or the relevant successor, to make good that breach. The agreement lasts until your assignee in turn assigns the lease. If the assignee does not assign, then you will remain liable until the expiry of the lease. For example, a lease for 15 years is licence to assign old lease to company A, who assigns to company B after 5 years.

In certain limited circumstances the agreement can be discharged before the usual expiry date. The actions of a landlord can sometimes result in the discharge of an authorised guarantee agreement, for example the material variation of a lease without the guarantor being a party to it.

Assignment of commercial leases

For advice on whether an authorised guarantee agreement applies, please contact Jason Goldsmith a solicitor in Keystone's Commercial Property Team specialising in commercial real estate work.

This article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. It should not be used as a substitute for legal advice relating to your particular circumstances. Please note that the law may have changed since the date of this article.

Our Licence to Assign a Lease template:

Back Commercial property solicitor Jason Goldsmith considers the role of authorised guarantee agreements in business leases and their implications when exiting. However, landlords may be able to pursue you, dependent upon the age of your lease and whether there is anauthorised guarantee agreement: It might be that the lease has been assigned several times since you were the tenant.

That does not matter, the landlord can oease pursue you for breaches by the current tenant. Normally they will require that you provide an authorised guarantee agreement on assignment of the lease. What is an authorised guarantee agreement? For further information please contact: Jason Goldsmith Consultant Licence to assign old lease T: Keynote Carillion — practical advice for affected businesses.


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