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References to previous research: either compare your results with the findings from other studies or use the studies to support a claim. This can include re-visiting key sources already cited in your literature review section, or, save them to cite later in the discussion section if they are more important to compare with your results instead of being a part of the general literature review of research used to provide context and background information.

You will not only search for information, but also delve into the whys and wherefores behind the subject material, seeking to provide elucidation through your written analysis. In our first article of this two part series, we discussed how to research a term paper.

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Describe vividly, using interesting verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

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In the second place, since the author hasn't figured out what the text means well enough to express it in his own words, there's a danger that his paraphrase may inadvertently change the meaning of the text. secured by

Back to Home Libraries Online Academic Libraries Film Libraries Gov't Libraries K-12 Libraries Law Libraries Medical Libraries National Libraries Pres. Picking a topic, narrowing the subject, researching relevant material, synthesizing information and citing sources can be challenging and sometimes painful.

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Csssa creative writing application

Or what other things can you use to compare your topic with.

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Outline for writing a cause and effect essay

The outline should be an overview of your entire paper in bullet points. Consider formatting guidelines: Depending on your paper rubric, class guidelines, or formatting guidelines, you may have to organize your paper in a specific way.

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