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This paper provides advice how to prevent or treat this condition. Prepare your manuscript following the IMRaD principle Introduction, Methods, Results, samplf Discussionwith every part supporting the key message.

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Jerz says: 28 Sep 2015 at 11:36 am As compared to MLA papers, APA papers tend to be shorter, and divided up into sections. Reply Jason says: 28 Sep 2015 at 3:36 pm Thanks for the reply.

This study examined the impact of rssearch read-aloud accommodation on standardized test scores of reading comprehension at grades 4 and 8. This report provides a summary of a focus group with teachers of the visually impaired on both the challenges and potential solutions for making technology-enhanced test items accessible for students with visual disabilities.

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The Concept of Self.

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Recent Disability Research Publications


Collective Action and the Civil Rights Movement. University of Chicago Press Google Scholar. Conover, Pamela Johnston Working-age Persons with Disabilities. Fitzgibbon, Marian, Stolley, Melinda R. Jill, Nicholls, William L. The Concept of Self. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston Google Scholar. The Social Experience of Disability.

abstract sample for research paper on disabilities paper interdisciplinary

Sage Google DiswbilitiesCrossref. Gliedman, John, William, Roth Handicapped Children in America. Harcourt Brace Literature review on autism and inclusion Google Absyract.

A Two-year Statewide Experience. Definitions, Disciplines, and Policies. Implications for Medical Sociology. Biased Reasoning or Unreasonable Bias? Hahn, Harlan, Richard, Beaulaurier A Research Note on Activists with Disabilities. Emergence, Struggle, and Rhetoric. Plenum Google ScholarCrossref. National Association of the Deaf Google Scholar. Principles and Practices, edited by Niparko, John K. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Google Scholar. The Free Press Google Scholar.

Measures of Social Psychological Attitudes. Institute for Social Research Google Scholar. A Comparison of Treatment Seekers and Refusers. Times Abstract sample for research paper on disabilities Google Scholar.

A Social Structural Version. Human Groups and Social diisabilities Cambridge University Press Google Scholar. Participants in the field trial represented six major disability groups visual, hearing, physical, learning, ADHD, and psychiatric. This paper describes efforts to improve the accessibility of math expressions for students with sakple impairments via an improved style of synthetic speech called Clearspeak.

Access full abstract or article. Turkan Educational ResearcherVol. This article describes some of the challenges of evaluating teachers of students with disabilities and English learners. The study focuses on two prominent indicators of teaching quality — classroom observations and value-added scores.

View the full abstract rrsearch download this study. This paper presents secondary analyses on a two-stage test of reading comprehension for students with reading-based learning disabilities. This may be of benefit to many students with disabilities, for whom it has been suggested abstract sample for research paper on disabilities state tests do not appropriately measure forr.

View the full abstract or download this report. This report provides a summary of a focus group with teachers of the visually impaired on both the challenges and potential solutions for making technology-enhanced test items accessible dor students with visual disabilities.

Technology Enhanced Assessments in Mathematics and Beyond: Strengths, Challenges, and Future Directions G. View the full abstract or order this report from the publisher. Hakkinen Accommodations and Accessibility Tools. View the literature review. This publication contains a summary of research abstract sample for research paper on disabilities testing accommodations including audio presentation, signing, refreshable braille, writing tools and others.

Stone Chapter in M. Kavanaugh EditorsAssessing Students in the Margin: Challenges, Strategies, and Techniques. This book chapter provides an overview of the implications of using a linear test format when measuring adequate yearly progress for certain students with disabilities; discusses the advantages and disadvantages of adaptive testing, particularly for students with disabilities; and provides an overview of testing options being explored and implemented. Using Growth for Accountability: Laitusis Educational ResearcherVol.

This article describes some of the challenges of measuring and modeling growth for abstract sample for research paper on disabilities with disabilities. This paper summarizes models and approaches that use individual student test scores from multiple years to determine adequate yearly progress, conduct research on individual growth trajectories, and evaluate the contributions that teachers and schools make to student learning.

In this study, researchers examined the usability of an assessment-for-learning system that provides people with visual impairments with audio-tactile graphics for algebra content. Cline Applied Measurement in EducationVol. In this validity study, researchers used differential item functioning to examine the results of large-scale, state standards-based English-language arts assessments at grades 4 and 8. The studied groups included students without disabilities taking the standard version of the test and students who were blind or visually impaired taking a braille or large-print version.

This study compared the underlying factors measured by a state standards-based Grade 4 English-language arts assessment given to several asbtract of students. Laitusis Applied Measurement in EducationVol.


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