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It gave the colonies a chance to go global.

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That meant an international government could negotiate a treaty with the US, but any trade opportunities had to be independently negotiated with each state. The Articles of Confederation let the rest of the world know that the colonies were ready to be taken seriously.

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Apart from not having a president, there was no government nor army. Along with the power acquired by Congress came the creation of important departments in the US such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of Postal Service.

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Although there were chances given to Congress for amendment, these attempts failed. It allows for colonists to still experience free movement.

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6 Pros and Cons of the Articles of Confederation

Here are the opposing views express by the two groups. It served as an agreement among the states and was the first constitution of the United States of America. After the independence of the colonies from the British Pros and cons articles of confederation, a need for an agreement was needed because this was also the time of territorial expansion and the 13 states did not have some form of government as arricles whole. Although it was not readily accepted because of the fear of a central authority, it paved artiicles way for the states to unite and was the precursor of the New Constitution of the United States.

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It gave the Congress the authority to deal with international affairs and brought about Congressional departments. Proponents say that the Articles of Confederation was biochemistry research papers pdf in giving the Congress the power to negotiate with other countries when it comes to conflicts.

It gave authority to Congress to declare pfos and peace and one perfect example was the Treaty of Paris signed by the U.

S with Great Britain. All of which are important for the nation and still remain integral parts of the United States government. The cofederation still remained independent. Despite the agreement, advocates claim that the 13 states remained sovereign, movement to other states were not prohibited and trade was not restricted.

This was beneficial because the people were given the chance to explore other places and improve their lives. Moreover, people are to be considered free citizens with privileges and immunities like any citizen of the state. It strengthened friendship among the states. Supporters of the first constitution say that this established a union among the 13 included states and created a bond among them which not only encouraged trade but also united them to fight against outside forces that might want to invade or disrupt the peace of these states as a nation.

It was a weak document and had flaws. Critics say that the first constitution was not able to deliver what it offered because since the start, it was already weak. They talk about the reluctance of the states to approve the agreement, saying that it took at least four years.

Moreover, there were other issues that were not tackled by the agreement. Apart from not having a president, there was no government nor army. Without a centralized government, there was no way to communicate globally at the highest levels. Adn Articles of Confederation let the rest of the world know that the colonies were ready to be taken pros and cons articles of confederation.

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It allows for colonists to still experience free movement. There was no need to carry papers or apply for a visa when traveling throughout the United States thanks to the Articles of Confederation.

With the Articles of Confederation created a confederacy of states, pros and cons articles of confederation and other financial opportunities were encouraged internally. Instead of looking internationally for needed goods or services, this constitution encouraged the various states to confsderation with one another so that 5th grade research paper rubric elementary could benefit from the transaction.

This fostered even more unity, eventually leading the US to develop a personality at the national cobfederation. It required complete agreement to confeeeration changes to it. Maryland was the last state to ratify the Articles of Confederation, nearly 2 years later than any other state. To make any changes to the articles, all 13 states would be required to ratify the change. That made it difficult to change the constitution, ptos pros and cons articles of confederation attempted twice, providing a level of governing consistency that everyone could rely upon.

It took a long time for it to be fully implemented. The national government had no ability to impose wnd on states. Leadership from Congress had little influence. It had no authority to regulate commerce. This authority was delegated to the states. Even though the articles gave the US the power to negotiate international treaties and perform other tasks, there was no centralized authority for commerce. That meant an international government could negotiate a treaty with the US, but any trade opportunities had to be independently negotiated with each state.

Qnd difficulty limited many of the available trade opportunities at the time. It had not authority to levy taxes. A government requires funds to operate.

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The Articles of Confederation provided no authority to levy taxes on the population, a holdover likely from the taxation without representation protests that had occurred in the months and years prior to the writing of the constitution. They could coin money and maintain an armed force, but relied on the states to provide the financial means to do so. These issues would eventually spell the end of the Articles of Confederation as pros and cons articles of confederation governing document.

It provided too much independence. At one point in the s, each state was even issuing its own currency. This led to high levels of inflation, which reduced the economic powers of each state. It became clear that the only solution would be to centralize these needs instead of enjoying complete independence.


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